LemcoStar llc
TransiTank Services

Helping You Ship Bulk Liquids Throughout The Americas

LemcoStar is an independent company formed in Houston Texas in 2012 to develop and build flexible tanks for 53 foot domestic box and intermodal rail van trailers operating in the Americas.

The LemcoStar TransiTank system designed for the carriage of bulk liquid products in domestic box vans. The TransiTank readily turns a regular 53 foot van into a bulk liquid carrier, allowing the vehicle more opportunities to backhaul, thus reducing freight costs. The TransiTank can carry a full load of wide ranging non-hazardous chemical and food grade products.

Following extensive testing the first tanks began operations in March of 2013. The company is using its specialized skills and knowledge to develop and build partnerships with major shippers and trucking companies.



LemcoStar, your partner in the transportation of bulk liquid products.

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